CHAMATEX wishes to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. Therefore, we engage in an active environmental approach with concrete actions to preserve it :

- Eco-design of products. CHAMATEX is one of the pioneers to have developed textiles using environmentally friendly, recycled and recyclable raw materials, (corn fiber, recycled polyester and recycled aramids …). As such, CHAMATEX is a Newlife partner (GRS-certified recycled polyester threads – Global Recycling Standards). All industrial artners upstream and downstream of CHAMATEX are Oeko-Tex certified allowing full traceability of CHAMATEX textiles, from purchase of the thread to finishing

- Reprocessing and recycling waste. At all stages of the production process, waste is systematically collected and recycled to be sent to the recovery sector for waste reuse (used clothing, industrial wiping, fraying, boxboarding…).

- Reduction of C02 emissions. Recent investments permit the integration of some processes and limit transportation between sites, acting directly on our C02 emissions.

- Replacement of industrial equipment allows to save and / or recycle energy.

Current projects:
o heat recovery from machines for heating workshops,
o variable geometry compressor to regulate the energy charge according to production changes.

- Development of renewable energies. CHAMATEX has decided to equip its rooftops with photovoltaic panels (100% clean and inexhaustible energy) thus contributing to reducing C02 emissions.
– Staff awareness of environmental issues: incentives to individual and collective environmental actions (recycling of paper and ink cartridges …).