Personal protective clothing

Workers exposed to extreme conditions (fire, harsh climate, heat / cold …) give – rightly – particular importance to safety. In situations where mastery of gestures can save a life, efficiency and reliability of personal protective equipment are crucial.

CHAMATEX’s role is to offer these personal protective clothing, textiles that combine compliance with occupation-related safety-standards as well as resistance, comfort, lightness and durability.

In partnership with its customers and suppliers, CHAMATEX develops personal protective equipment for:

- Firefighters: workwear and intervention gear
- The oil and gas sectors: work clothes
- Industrial welders, steel works: work and protections clothing
- High-risk jobs (cutting, perforation…): gloves, apron, vest…
- Professionals in the automotive industry: flame retardant fabrics for
- Workers in paint booths

  • Firefighters
  • Industrial welders
  • Technicians