Production capacity

Since its inception, CHAMATEX has maintained a strong industrial culture. We regularly invest in our production tool to get our know-how to evolve in step with new technologies. Industrial control, gained through experience and continuous improvement of production processes, gives CHAMATEX an ability to adapt to different target markets. To increase our industrial expertise (quality requirements and meeting deadlines), we have recently integrated new warping, weaving and finishing processes. Today, our production tool is diversified and flexible to ensure the responsiveness markets require.

The different stages of the production process are presented below.


After checking receipt of materials, warping consists in making a warp from the coils of thread.

Means of production:
– Multiple lines of fractional warp
– Sectional warper
– Prototype warper (essential for developing responsive R & D)


Sizing of textiles comprises impregnating warp threads to facilitate the weaving operation downstream. This stage is essential for certain types of threads to limit abrasion during weaving.


Warps, so-called primary, are then combined to obtain the final warp with the right number of threads. Means of production: several lines of lapping machines


The looming operation is to insert all warp threads into the weaving “battery” (made up of comb and meshes) to ensure compliance of the fabric weave. We are equipped with a modern and efficient automatic looming machine. Means of production: automatic looming machine.


Weaving is the culmination of the upstream steps. Interlacing of warp threads makes it possible to obtain the right fabric according to the required fabric weave. CHAMATEX has a full range of weaving technologies permitting to weave a wide spectrum of threads (filaments, fibers, polyester, polyamide, cotton, viscose, aramid …). Means of production :

- Air jet
- Small and Large lese
- Water Jet
- Rapier


This step involves treating the bleached fabric to give it its final characteristics. With our production means and our local partners (Cedar dyeing and St. John dyeing), we can offer a wide range of finish:

- Tincture
- (washer, jigger, get, autoclave …), primers and finishes (grille, Sanforizing…)
- Coating
- Lamination