Quality products and service

In a highly competitive environment and globalized markets, quality has become a prerequisite to accessing markets. It is an unavoidable strategic issue. CHAMATEX places quality as a priority objective.
Beyond quality of design and production that ensures conformity of our products, quality is a mindset; any action has its own quality component with a single objective: to better serve our customers.

These requirements and this mindset are the fundamentals of our quality management system, implemented as part of ISO 9001 (COFRAC certification). The six following pillars are the foundation of this system:

- Client Orientation: analysis and consideration of customers’ needs and listening to their requirements, expectations and anticipation, building trust.
– Management’s Commitment: daily involvement of management to strive for excellence.
-Staff Involvement: development of team spirit, staff motivation and involvement in achieving CHAMATEX objectives.
– The process approach: integration and control of the production cycle, resource optimization, rationalization of operating modes, control and guarantee of their consistency.
– Continuous Improvement: rapid processing of non-compliance, implementation and monitoring of corrective and preventive actions, correction and anticipation of nonconformities, constantly changing quality management system.
– Partners Synergy: development of industrial and scientific partnerships, mutual benefit and securing target markets.

Quality control is ensured by successive controls throughout qualification and production processes: laboratory equipment, laser controls integrated into the process and machinery access.