Research and Development

CHAMATEX has placed Research & Development at the very heart of its strategy to anticipate the needs of its markets. With a team composed of highly qualified engineers, the R & D department divides its business into three main tasks:

- Creating its own product lines and markets. Based on detailed knowledge of our markets and needs analysis, R & D designs ranges of performing textiles.

- - Providing personalized textiles solutions to meet specific needs. Our teams work closely with clients and develop unique solutions to meet specifications requirements.

- Developing innovation programs.. On several high-potential segments, we decided to invest in innovation to bring to market Innovative textile solutions in the medium-term.

To cope with such challenges, the R & D department is constantly setting ambitious goals:

– Strive for excellence in design
– Develop textiles with best lead time
– Design by meeting the requirements and environmental standards, as
part and parcel of our ISO 9001 organization

At all stages of development, R & D has powerful tools to achieve its objectives : computer-aided design, prototype warping, weaving dedicated to R & D, integrated laboratories and quality partners for finishing.

The different stages of the design process are listed below :