Karapace® : innovative and patented textile
for extreme protection

Chamatex -  Karapace® : innovative and patented textile
for extreme protection

KARAPACE® The extreme textile protection

Combining protection, resistance and ergonomics, KARAPACE® was developed with the aim to become a bodyguard.

KARAPACE® technology ensures high flame and heat resistance and extreme performance thanks to a weave combining aramid fibers and coated para-aramid filaments.

KARAPACE® makes it possible to construct and adapt different textile zones to meet the requirements of protection and security professions: firefighting, military, police.

Individually coated yarns ensure breathability, an essential element for professional survival.

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KARAPACE®, the result of an alliance between 2 extreme sports textile innovations developed by Chamatex

MATRYX®: the high-performance textile for sports shoes (breathability, lightness, resistance)

Racing: flame-retardant textiles for racing suits (flame resistance, safety, breathability)

The combination of these two worlds makes KARAPACE® a high-performance textile solution for extreme protection and resistance.


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Chamatex - KARAPACE®