Manufacturer of technical textiles
for furnishing

Chamatex - Manufacturer of technical textiles
for furnishing

Comfort & Style

Development of new materials, impeccable manufacturing quality, Chamatex offers a complete range of fabrics for the design of interior blinds, sofas, outdoor furniture…


Chamatex offers specific customer products and enriches its offer thanks to:

  • Acker® brand, specialist in fireproof (Trevira) and UV resistant materials. The brand asserts its own identity through a range of top-of-the-range furnishing fabrics for hotels, health establishments, the boating industry (IMO) and the luxury sector.
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  • Rocle company, expert in interior textiles and member of the Chamatex Group. Thanks to its know-how, through its own creation division, Rocle develops a wide collection of curtains, veils, plaids and pillows.
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